Scheduled Maintenance Details

This page contains all current information on the status of this scheduled maintenance.


2020-12-03 06:00:00 PST


2020-12-03 07:00:00 PST


Minor Outage

Current Status


Impact Analysis

Web Access to Panorama (continuation of CHG0034104)

The Panorama management system will be briefly offline, there will be no impact to firewall service.


On Wednesday, December 3rd the SLB system will be changed to provide the direct IP address of the active Panorama server in the DNS response instead of proxying the session.

Network Services will also be changing to a secondary site for Panorama service in preparation of the EWDC shutdown.

Any connection that is active at the time of the change will be required to re-authenticate. There should be no other change in user experience.

CMR: CHG0034124